Thursday, May 24, 2012

Made it

As I mentioned in my last post I am spending this summer in the U.S. and having in mind that I don't do well on airplanes flying across Europe and the Atlantic was HORRIBLE for me. Feeling sick for nearly 15 hours and the two hour delay we had in London helped make this trip the worst I have ever had. But I made it. 24 hours and 7700 km later I made it. I am currently in the house were I'll be living for the next few months.
Knowing all that I just told you about me and long flights all I wanted and needed was to be comfortable which meant leggings and long cotton shirt and threw on my leather jacket that feels like my second skin now.

Friday, May 18, 2012

So excited!!!

Hey, long time no post. Reason being I have been very busy the last almost two weeks and finally I get to share why. I am so excited I can't stay in one place. Tomorrow the 19th of May I am flying to the U.S. and I will be spending my summer on the East Coast. Amazing right, except the fact that if I wanted to go and I really wanted to, I had to finish my school year about a month and something earlier, which meant going from teacher to teacher and trying to do all my projects on time. And plus I had to go to work up until last week and with school all this week and plus I wanted to shoot some outfits for the blog and be prepared in case I couldn't do that there in the beginning.
As I am writing this I am trying to figure out if am forgetting to pack something after all it's one thing to pack for a week and something completely different to pack for four months.
Enough with the ramble, on to the outfit. My inspiration came from the horrible weather we've been having recently in Bulgaria and I really wanted to wear those black pants that I got to be a part of my uniform half a year ago so after changing the top I think about 3 times at the end I loved the outfit.
That's it from me for now next post will be in airport style, so stay tuned.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Art show and The Avengers

Soo, couple of days ago my friends and I went to an art show and then saw The Avengers (which I'd say was pretty awesome).
For the outfit I really wanted to wear this silk scarf that my mom gave me some time ago and the paired it with a few basic pieces like the striped t-shirt and black pumps and blazer.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Who did that

Ok, I admit, I am wearing wearing one of my mom's old shirts. I have an excuse though, it is a little bit of a cliche thing to say and if any of my friends heard me say that they'd go 'all are you crazy' on me but sometimes I just have nothing to wear. Or simply I don't want to wear any of my clothes. That's when I go to my mom's closet. Last time I did that, couple of days ago, I found this dark pink button up, I rolled the sleeves put on heels there you go.
Doesn't my hair look amazing dark and short, I am in love with it :)


Friday, May 4, 2012

Casual Friday

Casual or just lazy is how I feel today. I have been walking around all morning with my headphones listening to Rihanna's 'Where Have You Been' and Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' on repeat. Also I am so very exited because I am making the last change to my hair. A few weeks ago a cut it again very short and now I am getting it died dark chocolate brown. So next time you see me I will look totally different.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Singing in the rain

I have been having the weirdest luck when taking pictures of my outfits lately. It is either going to be too sunny, too windy or like in this case it is going to start raining right the moment I turn on my camera.
Anyway on to the outfit I chose very basic items like the white tee and black blazer because I wanted to wear this pretty scarf and I wanted it to be the center piece of the look.