Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last calls

Normally my week starts on Tuesday because that's the first day that is busier and have both school and work. So today being Tuesday I went to bed at 4 am because I was up working on a few projects and when I woke up 4 hours later to go to school all I could think of was me making a big cup of coffee and I don't drink coffee lol. Well it's not like I never drink it but for me to do that I must have either slept like just a couple of hours or not have slept at all.
After I had my coffee I went to school and attended one of the most ridiculous classes. As much as I like my teacher I think there is something quite weird when she starts singing the names of her students at 9.30 am and she is an art teacher. Bottom line is at the end of the class the only thing that was on our mind was who fast to all leave the room.
Here I would just only mention how much I admire my teacher for using fashion to express herself. For example I have seen her come to the university wearing black lace up ankle boots, black leather pants, very colorful sweater and of course leather vest. So believe me when I say you need a certain amount of courage and crazy to dress the way you feel.
Today I wore the most awesome scarf ever. I got it last winter at a multi-brand outlet type store and every time I get complimented on it.


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  1. your scarf is gorgeous! and very awesome;) great post!