Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Date night

Last weekend I went on a first date with a guy I had met at the restaurant I work and even though I normally choose what to wear easily, this time I was saw a challenge in the face of meeting someone who had only seen me in my uniform. I tried to put together an outfit but there was always something that I didn't like about it. Then the day of the said date I just went in front of my closet and started taking out all the things I thought to be inappropriate. When I was left with a couple of dresses it was just so much easier for me to figure out what I wanted to wear. Now you may ask how I ruled out most of my clothes and I will of course explain.
When going on a first date the first thing you need to take into consideration is were are you going and what are you going to be doing. Go to the place were you keep your clothes and accessories. Than start taking out the following items:
-all things SHORT(short skirts, shorts and short dresses)-this is because it is a bit inappropriate especially when you don't know the guy well, you don't want to give the wrong message;
-figure out if you want to go for jeans or a dress - if you want to wear jeans I suggest pairing them with a dressier top rather than a simple t-shirt or sweater.
At the end my biggest advice is: don't go all out. Wear something you will feel comfortable in and most important you will feel confident.
In my country we have a saying that translated literally is something like this: in clothes meet in mind send and means that when you meet people the judge the way you look because the don't know you well but when you spend time and actually get to know you the way you look is not important any more.

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  1. hallo! nice skirt! do you want to follow each other???


  2. Oh, that is so hard to pick clothes for the first date!!! You did good! And the advices are very appropriate! :)