Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Silver linings

Aaaand I am finally back. At the end of last year I decided that I need a break not just from the online world but from everything else. It started with winter break from school and I liked it so much I decided to extend it a little more. You know what people say about falling out of a rutine and getting back into it is very hard, well I am here to confirm it. It was so nice I caught up with most of the tv shows I watch, I saw a lot of the movies that came out at the end of the year (I will tell my favourite was Silver Linings Playbook - amazing movie, loved Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence is getting better and better with every movie she does), I got a new job and started making the arrangements for next summer. I enjoed the holidays and as probably every other person I made a list with my resolutions and goals for the new year.
Now on to the outfit, I have been getting more and more into the metalic colors this winter and this top that is actually a dress that I got so many years ago that the store I got it from doesn't exist anymore. I found it when I decided that my wardrobe needs a clense and by that I mean a new organization system and a very detailed wishlist for spring/summer.
So moral of the story never throw out your clothes!
It is so good been back :)

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