Sunday, January 1, 2012

01/01/12 00:00

Cheers to a great 2011 and a kick ass 2012!
For me 2011 was a very good year. I got a new job that I really like, I started this blog and I made some of my designs into actual clothing pieces. However I think that 2011 was just the beginning. For 2012 I have a couple of goals and resolutions, for example I want to learn to ride a bike and swim, paint more, spend more time with my friends and most important-I want to make more clothes. I have a lot of ideas but I don't like drawing and sketching them so I tend to forget about them and I don't like that.
So in the spirit of that idea I put on my favorite dress that I've made for the party I went to to celebrate the beginning of the new year.

Another very important resolution for 2012 I made was to take more pictures when I am out with friends or my family or just someplace at sometime so that I will learn how not to take pictures like the following once lol


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