Friday, January 13, 2012

Cheetah and mud

This week and the next one are going to be so exhausting for me because at the end of the month is exam time at my university which means that almost all of my teachers want us to show them everything that we've worked on this semester of course - finished, so that they can grade us. Now just because I love doing things the last minute I get to stay up all night drawing bones and reading deep philosophical stuff about love and beauty. Then imagine I go to school today after I have not slept last night and in my first class our professor made us write a script on the subject...wait for it... MUD. Basically we had to think of a story about mud, absolutely everything was up to us only, it had to have an open ending. We ended up hearing some very good and some very funny stories. My day continued with 3 more hours of art classes and work in the evening. Now is about 2 am and I am hoping and crossing my fingers to fall asleep right away just because I am so so tired but anyways this is the outfit that I wore today.


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