Monday, March 12, 2012

H&M Store Opening Bulgaria

I can not begin to explain to you how excited I am that finally H&M opened their first store in Sofia. That has been my favorite brand for a couple of years now and I am glad to say that I have clothes from four different countries: Germany, Italy, England and Bulgaria.
The opening was on Saturday, March 10th but unfortunately due to my recent lack of availability I couldn't go so I went yesterday and let me tell you there was a line in front of the store and inside was total craziness - people everywhere.
Despite all that I loved the way the store was organized and the clothes were simply amazing. I managed to get only 3 things without trying on but I have my eye on 4-5 pieces and I am definitely going again very very soon, this time I want to go when I am not in a hurry for anywhere and I can really go through everything.

A sneak peak of what I got this time and I promise I will do a proper haul as soon as I go again and get some more things.


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