Monday, March 19, 2012

School stuff

I don't know if I have mentioned what I study and what kind of classes I have but anyway I am gonna talk about it now.
I am in my second year, for now I study Plastic Arts and next year I am going to major in Stage Design. I have some drawing classes also Wall Art, Composition in Visual Arts and I have a class where we study and practice on the Adobe Photoshop. Cool right :) But still I have to say my favorite class is Set and Costume Design simply because I have a great teacher who took as to a master class on Film Directing where students are working on individual projects and have to make a short film. In order for them to make these films the choose a short story and turn it into a script. Step 2 is finding a crew and this is where me and my colleagues come in - we do the sets, costumes and some additional thing like hair and makeup. I am currently working on not one but two films and I am very busy with test shoots and location searching. I can't wait for the actual shooting of the films to begin and to show you the finished projects if I can. The other day actually I was with the director of one of the films and the lead actress at the apartment where most of the action takes place and I did the hair and makeup and we tried some of my ideas for the costumes and let me tell you it as awesome. And the amazing photographer that I am I tried to take some pictures of the living room just so that I can recall easier how everything was organized and I kind of managed to photograph myself and my outfit LOL so here it is:

If you can't tell I am wearing a nude knitted dress and black cardigan from MANGO and my ZARA grey over the knee boots.
I promise I will show some more pics of the process of making of a short film very soon.


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