Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all of you out there who celebrate on the 15th of April. I know it's a little bit late but just now I finally got the chance to sit and upload photos and write.
Tradition is that at midnight on Easter people gather in the churches to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus and they go three times around the church (honestly I can't tell you exactly why). Then families and friends gather for lunches and diners and eat mostly roasted lamb, lettuce salad, colored boiled eggs and sweet bread.

To me the most interesting and most fun thing about the day is the battle with eggs. On the Thursday or Saturday before Easter the eggs are boiled, colored with special paint and sometimes painted different stuff like flowers, animals and other stuff. On the holiday people exchange those eggs as gifts and then the battle begins and if your egg doesn't break you win.
There is something, however that no matter how much I like holidays with all the food, dressing up and stuff, just bothers me so much and that is how empty the city is. It's like a bomb has dropped or time has stopped, it is awful I tell you. For instance today when I went out with my mom to make pictures of the outfit I was wearing we met exactly 4 people. I can't wait for tomorrow to come so that all the people who were on trips for the holiday to come back and to return to the usual busy life.


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