Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rain boots and leather jacket

Not that I am complaining or anything but it's just a little bit unfair. For the past couple of days I have been listening about and seeing pictures from the music festivals happening now and when I see the sun, the beautiful clothes and just the entire awesomeness of it all I can't help it but to be jealous. Especially when the weather here sucks and I mean it has been raining every day for the last week or so.
About this outfit I just want to say a few things: I am wearing the two must haves and just kind of everyday wear items - my rain boots and leather jacket; I am also wearing my dad's old white shirt and something new for me - a clutch instead of any of my big tote bags. Overall I think this was the perfect outfit to wear for for lunch and shopping with my mom and brother and running into my ex in the rainy weather LOL :)



  1. Супер изглеждаш! Ботушките са страхотни!



  2. Много ти благодаря :)