Monday, December 10, 2012

Burgundy burgundy burgundy

I finally found them. The burgundy pair of pants that actually fit me and look good on. It took me about 2 and something months of searching and trying on but I found them. And of course as you can probably imagine I wear them every time I go out. Plus I realized how many items I have in this or similar color. It all started with a H&M dress this spring and now - the dress, the pants, the shorts, the shoes a sweater, which you will see probably on Wednesday and I am also making another dress and skirt and I am knitting a scarf. If you go and have a look in my closet you will see a lot of black, beige, white and then a blob of burgundy. I need to start wearing color more.
OK enough with the talking to myself, yes I as I am writing this I am actually saying it out loud, it helps me sometimes to not loose my thoughts and I will go and have something for dinner because I am starving.
Have an awesome Monday!


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