Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas wishlist

I know the whole concept is to receive the items on your Christmas list as presents to me it is just a little bit different. My parents have never been good at choosing gifts for me and for each other as a matter of fact, so every year we do this thing where they give me money and I go and buy all the presents for everybody. Not toot my own horn but I am awesome at picking gifts especially for the people I love because I really put a thought and my heart into it. To me it is not just about getting people what they might need but making them happy. And don't think that all those things on the pictures will be presents from them, I am actually planning on buying most of the things myself.

As for clothing this year I want just a few things and I think it is going to be pretty easy since I want to make the skirt and the dress and I have already found a denim shirt I liked but due to the mall closing the other day I couldn't buy it then.

I recently cleaned up my beauty cabinet and I have come to the conclusion that I don't really need anything and the things I want of course we don't have even in the Sephora in Sofia. Now that I am getting more and more into wearing accessories the only things I could actually use more of  is jewelry. More specific bracelets and necklaces. Last week I got a silver watch and now I want a gold or rose gold one.

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