Saturday, December 8, 2012

Suave Keratin Infusion

This line is something I came across a few months ago but got to try it last week. I have the  Smoothing Lower Sulfate shampoo and conditioner and I have washed my hair with them about may be 5 times and let me tell you I am amazed how  I got both of them for under $10. They smell amazing and after I dry my hair it feels like I went to the salon. I am happy I bought them but I am kinda mad at myself that I didn't get all the products from the line since of course we don't get it here or at least I haven't seen Suave products in the drugstores in Bulgaria.
I now realized that this is something I say a lot these days: we don't have this brand here or we have only the permanent lines and not the new collections so much that I might as well just call this segment of my blog Great products that you can't get in BG unless you order them online but they are very nice though!
Have a great weekend!


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