Friday, December 7, 2012

When the leaves are falling

These to colors, the sparkly beige on sweater and the maroon on pumps, scream fall to me. The sweater is just perfect and I couldn't believe the price tag when I saw it, under $20?!  About the shoes I don't know if I have said this but they are the most uncomfortable high heeled shoes I know, it is ridicules how much my shoes hurt after wearing them and this is why I have worn them only twice. Every time I see them I get reminded of how big of an impulsive shopper I am. I remember I was at Forever 21 and had a few things with me to try on and on the hangers everything looked nice but the great surprise was they looked awful on me except this pretty A-line blue dress. You know how at the dressing room there is a table, a rack packed with already tried on stuff that people didn't like, so as I opened the door to show my friend I saw those shoes and thought the heel was awesome and the color was so pretty. Little did I know that if I had just made more than 5 steps or waited a few days and seen that now burgundy, oxblood, maroon shoes are everywhere I wouldn't have bought them.
OK, enough rambling for today. Have a great day/evening!


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  1. Wow!! I cannot believe you got that sweater so cheap! It's gorgeous.